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F.A.Q on Let's-Live Coaching

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Read the following FAQs to know more about the approach to life coaching programs at Let's-Live Coaching.

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At Let's-Live Coaching, we understand that life is all about developing and growing your inner self. However, it can be a little difficult to get started with this process until you have someone to guide you, to show you the right path. Using modern coaching techniques, we celebrate each individual as unique and help him/her acquire, improve and develop essential life skills. At Let's-Live Coaching, we take the responsibility to help you understand yourself and enable you in achieving your goals.

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To bring in a change in your life, it is important to identify how exactly you want to modify it. Once you attain the essential life skills and have a positive perspective of the future, you can not only expect the rise of your creative life-force, but also turn your dreams into reality. At Let's-Live Coaching, we believe that each individual can provide one original contribution that is incomparable with those around them. If you too want to get started with you contribution, we can help you in doing that.

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Unlike psychotherapy or other counselling methods, Life Coaching is ideal for any individual looking to make a positive change in his/her life. If you want to get rid of a negative trait or behaviour, change your career, improve relationships, enhance work-life balance and so on, our Life Coaching programs can help you achieve these goals.

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No. While counselling mainly refers to solving issues from your past and seeking advice, Life Coaching mainly involves inspiring you to take charge of your life. Life Coaches do not advice or instruct you on what to do in various situations. Instead, Life Coaching teaches you different techniques you can use to fulfil your goals, whether they are personal or professional. While Life Coaching is somewhat similar to mentoring, it involves less of direct instructions and more of making you capable enough to take the right decisions.

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We align our Life Coaching programs and related courses based on standards and curriculum set by respected institutions in the industry. At Let's-Live Coaching, we accredit our motivational training and global coaching methods with entities like:

  • COMENSA - Coaches and Mentors of South Africa
  • ITA - International Training Academy of NLP
  • ICR - International Coaching Register
  • GSAC - Global Standards of NLP Accreditations and Certifications


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Let's-Live Coaching has worked with a number of small and large corporations and our biggest clientele includes names like Consulta BASF, Old Mutual, Radio Impact, God TV, Pansolutions, Furn4U, Netcare Femina Hospital, TBAE, Helderwyk Curro School, Eskom, Denel Personnel Solutions, Casa del Sol, Sishen Iron Ore Angle American, and Buena Vista Social Café.

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Let's-Live Coaching was founded by Francois Janse van Rensburg, a leading name in the field of human behaviour modification, related sciences and Life Coaching.

François Janse van Rensburg is a qualified, certified and well-experienced NLP trainer and practitioner, hypnotherapist and instructor, spiritual mentor, pastor, executive and leadership coach and stress bio-feedback practitioner. He is also the author of several Life Coaching programs.

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Life Coaching programs from Let's-Live Coaching combine latest methodologies and discoveries in science and human behaviour modification. 98 percent of our clients seek our help based on referrals and word of mouth marketing, which proves that we have only been focusing on delivering the best to our clients in over seven years. Our experienced and certified Life Coaches teach practical lessons in over 16 different countries across the globe.

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